Kitchen & Canopy Cleaning

This includes the entire kitchen ‘top to bottom’. Where applicable the hot cooking equipment will be stripped down and the components e.g. burners, cooker tops, oven racking etc are thoroughly deep cleaned and wherever possible we aim return the items to a ‘as new’ condition.
The main kitchen canopy is cleaned internally, externally and behind the grease filters. The filters are also thoroughly soaked in special bio-gradable chemical with all traces of grease and other residues removed.

The Structure is also given a full clean using a variety of methods dependant on the condition, age and type of surface. This could be via our industrial steam cleaning system for the walls or our scrubber/dryer on the floors.

All equipment is moved from it’s position of use, where it is allowed, to ensure the areas behind and underneath also receive the same treatment as the rest of the kitchen.

All other items normally found in the kitchen i.e. light fittings, pipe work, ceiling grills, etc will receive the same duty of care as the other kitchen equipment.

All of the above will help you and your kitchen :-

• Prolong the life of the equipment and maintain it’s efficiency
• Reduce risk of fire
• Minimise the risk of pest infestation
• Improve airflow and air quality within the kitchen environment
• Help keep the workforce & EHO happy

All this can be carried out anytime of the day, afternoon or night, 7 days a week.

Ventilation & Extraction

The kitchen extract system is probably the biggest risk within the kitchen with regard to the chance of fire. Grease deposits build up over a period of time depending on the size and usage of the kitchen it is serving. This could lead to the following :-

• Increased risk and chance of fire
• Reduced performance and efficiency of the ventilation system by up to 40%

As many extraction system run through roof voids, sides of buildings or through a series of floors any fire inside the duct could ultimately destroy the entire building, therefore the cleaning and continued maintenance of the extraction system is vital

Grease build up on the fan blades, grills and louvers will have a dramatic effect on not only the airflow but also the kitchen environment. As the airflow reduces the temperature within the kitchen will rise thus making it increasingly uncomfortable to work in.

Our experienced staff will undertake the clean paying close regard to current legislation. Access panels will be installed at all the pre requisite sites and also at other location to facilitate a thorough and safe clean.
All chemical used during cleaning are biodegradable and CoSHH data sheets are available for inspection at any time, as each van carries full copies.

Access to the ducting will be determined before arrival, if a full scaffold is required our approved sub-contractor will erect this. We rigorously vet all our sub-contractors and the scaffold will conform to the relevant legislation and full safety details and assessments will be provided.